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Natures Gift from Switzerland
Story of St. Gallen
Creator of beauty legend
Dr. Anita Schuster
Honorary Doctorate of Swiss Biotechnology Research Institute
Biotechnology Research Institute
Founder of St. Gallen skin care from Switzerlande
Born in Switzerland
St. Gallen is located in northeastern Switzerland and between Boden Lake and Appenzell. With ample rainfall, it is praised as one of the green cities with the highest altitude in Switzerland.
St Gallen is named after its place of origin to pay respect to the land of wonder
Constructed in early seventh century, St. Gallen Cloister was the Central European academic shrine in eighth century, featuring unprecedented prosperity; what's more, it is listed as World Cultural Heritage owing to its Baroque-style Cathedral and Cloister's library.aasas
Origin of St. Gallen Beauty
Deeply influenced by her parents:
Her father was engaged in biological research, she understood the persistence required in R&D and pursuit to better quality.
Her mother worked in a locally famous textile museum responsible for textile technology identification and assessment. Anita was profoundly edified by her mother's love to life and detail-aware quality.

Dr.Anita Schuster

— to inherit the unique technology, resources and quality-pursuing passion

15-year Devotion to R&D
The white wine from St. Gallen in northeastern Switzerland is enjoying a good reputation for a long time, and St. Gallen is one of the top key white wine regions in Europe, where high-quality white wine is a precious natural resource. Swiss wine makers' exquisite wine-making technologies are widely appreciated for years.
As early as the end of twentieth century, Dr. Anita Schuster found magic skin care ingredients in St. Gallen white grapes and white wines by accident. Then she, together with some like-minded scientists, developed white grape and white wine based skin care technology by mixing Swiss unique glacier water. With 15-year devotion and persistence, and numerous tests and blending, they successfully extracted natural anti-oxidant ingredients from Switzerland nature, contributing an anti-aging and rejuvenating formula.
To pay respect to the precious natural resources in Switzerland hometown, Dr. Anita Schuster's team decided to name the brand after its place of origin, to pay back the gift of the land with action
Born of St. Gallen
Gift of Swiss Nature
St.Gallen,one of the green cities with the highest altitude in Switzerland
Thanks to over 3000 hours of sunshine throughout a year, ample rainfall and favorable day-and-night temperature difference, Switzerland's white wine enjoys a high reputation in Europe.
St. Gallen products use white grapes in St. Gallen of Switzerland, resulting in the natural and ageless formula with outstanding quality and technology.
Skin Care Ideas from Precious White Grapes
Switzerland is the home of wine

St.Gallen has perfect pollution-free environment to the birth of the best white grapes in Europe.

Grape seed oil

Able to regenerate and remold skin cell and having excellent moisturizing capacity

Grape extract

Containing grape polyphenols,water soluble vitamin B complex,several mineral substances and other effective constituents,which will bring sufficient nutrition and energy to skin while providing moisturizing and anti-oxidant effects.

White wine

Rich in plenty of polyphenol anti-oxidants and tartaric acid,which is able to moisturize skin,fight against oxidation and free radical,and improve skin metabolism.
Nature-based and Technology-driven
With Swiss cutting-edge bio-technology, locally unique anti-oxidant effective ingredients from white grapes are extracted to damage harmful free radical in skin cell, so as to delay aging of and revitalize energy source of skin cells, and thus providing unceasing energy and accelerating skin rejuvenation.
Meanwhile, toxicant in skin will be easily eliminated to defend against harm from surroundings, improve skin defense and create hydrated and supple skin texture.

Dedicated to urban women and caring for your skin with healthy-looking glow all the day!
Nature-based Ageless Legend to Create Urban Women's Charm
Each bottle of St. Gallen products is the natural, precious and luxurious achievement. St. Gallen never gives up the “Nature-based and Science-assisted” tenet to present you highly effective and 100% natural skin care products.
The carefully-selected high quality white grape from St. Gallen combines with the particular glacier water from Switzerland to power your skin to defend against free radical and to refresh your skin reveal young and healthy radiance!
Stammt aus dem Geschenk der Natur in der Schweiz, verbindet mit ökologischen High-End-Hautpflegetechniken, öffnet das herausragende Selbstvertrauen, zeigt Ihren Charme
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