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Secrer to bo confident
Bombarded with environment and stress externally and internally every day, is your skin, the skin from an urban woman, being impaired by radiation and oxidation?
St. Gallen Anti-Oxidant series
Specially designed for urban women to satisfy everyday skin care need
of China's urban women
take it as the primary skin care issue to fight against oxidation
Skin oxidation not only comes from external pollution or radiation, but also results from emotion and mood fluctuations and living pressure, due to which, feculent matters accumulate on skin. From now on, say “No” to both external and internal pollution and let St. Gallen help defend free radical with double anti-oxidant effect and better complexion!
To balance electron completion of oxygen molecule in skin
St. Gallen Anti-Oxidant Series are designed to eliminate harm of free radical with naturally ecological plant composition in high-altitude areas. High-quality and efficient naturally anti-oxidant composition is extracted from grape seeds growing under special environment to effectively provide electron to fill up free radical, repairing skin cell to healthy state.
St. Gallen Anti-Oxidant Series
To initiate new skin energy
-fold effect in combating oxidation and free radical
Effectively and unceasingly combat radiation accumulation and doubly defend from free radical to reveal glossy skin at once!
-fold grape extracts contained
Switzerland white grape extracts, white wine and grape seed oil joining with golden microsphere to appear fresh and supple skin!
When magical white grpe perfectly
matches Swiss cutting-edge technology
Switzerland St. Gallen
One of the top white wine producing areas
The white wine from St. Gallen in northeastern Switzerland is enjoying a good reputation for a long time, and St. Gallen is one of the top key white wine regions in Europe, where high-quality white wine is a precious natural resource. Swiss wine makers’ exquisite wine-making technologies are widely appreciated for years.
Grape from High-altitude Area
Advantages originates from extraordinary eco-climate
The high-altitude vineyard is richly given by over 3000 hours of sunshine throughout a year, with intense sunlight in day time and coolness at night and favorable day-and-night temperature difference of 20 °C. What’s more, the ample rainfall in the area prolongs the duration for grapes to mature, thus producing grapes with thicker color, more delicate fragrance, and more perfect tannin and structure. Relevant studies have indicated that grapes growing in St. Gallen contain richer polyphenols of grapevines.
Grape Seed Oil Extract
Release natural mineral elements
The grape seed oil extract from high-quality white grape contains several water soluble vitamins and mineral elements. Its polyphenols of grapevines contained effectively is able to defend against reactive oxygen, so as to maintain completeness of cell membrane and skin structure as well as restraining collagen clastic enzymes and other clastic enzymes, realizing anti-aging effect. Meanwhile, the cyanim glucoide contained in grape seed has anti-oxidant efficacy, which is 20 times stronger than Vitamin C’s and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E.
Anti-aging Power to Reveal Confidence
Natural gift matched cutting-edge technology to create instant anti-aging miracle.
Endowing your skin with radiance of youth and revealing luminous confidence
Nature-based and Technology-activated
To shine up your every day!
St. Gallen Anti-Oxidant Series apply Swiss cutt ing-edge bio-technology as well as efficient anti-oxidant ingredients extracted from St. Gallen’s white grapes to target urban women’s skin.
Delay skin aging and destroy harmful free radical in skin cell;
Activate cell energy source to continuously provide energy and accelerate skin refreshing;
Absorb nutrition, exclude toxins and restrain generation of free radical;
Enhance skin defense, shield harm from external environment and create favorably hydrated skin environment.
Dedicated to Urban Women
Anti-Oxidant Series Meet Your Everyday Needs
Born for urban women and provide your with beautiful confidence with care
Born for urban women and provide your with beautiful confidence with care Strong UV radiation, deteriorative natural environment, fast-paced irregular life, and overloaded living stress unfortunately result in dramatically increasing free radical.
With growing stress and ordeal, urban women’s skin become a hard-to-solve issue. Time is the enemy your beautiful skin, so anti-oxidant skin care products are urgently needed.
The St. Gallen Women
With forging-ahead determination on career and life, St. Gallen-loving women are full of confidence and charm, just as the exquisiteness and persistence of St. Gallen’s detail-concerned Anti-Oxidant Series.
St. Gallen responds to unceasingly reforming women’s living style and is even dedicated to serving their unique skin care demands.
St. Gallen-loving women, different from traditional women, are confident afraid to extend their individuality and pursue breakthroughs, and not afraid of any challenges; but in the same time, they also keep their wisdom, charm and elegance.
St. Gallen women and the leading high-efficiency technology add radiance and beauty to each other, aiming at presenting modern ladies.
The Changing Times will not Change the Steadfast,
Independent and Confident St. Gallen Women
Anti-Oxidant Series
8 major specially-developed ingredients to provide natural anti-oxidant effects to skin with full-effect protection every day
Mildes Waschgel
Cleanse with foams to soothe your skin
Belebendes Gesichtswasser
Rejuvenate and moisturize your skin with softness
Revitalisierendes Serum
Flatter your skin to be supple and plump
AQUA Regeneration Augenserum
Smooth wrinkles to be supple and firm
Regeneration Gesichtscreme
Gently soothe and moisturize your skin to be plump
AQUA Aufbauende Gesichtscrem
Deeply nourish and rejuvenate your skin to be hydrated
Multiaktive Regeneration Augencreme
Deeply moisturize your eye skin to review radianceDeeply moisturize your eye skin to review radiance
Straffende Sonnencreme
Prevent skin from sunlight and aging to be nourishing and soothing
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