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Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Soothing Toner
Regenerating Repair Serum
Face cream
Daily Perfection Cream
Eye cream
Anti-Oxidant-Belebendes Gesichtswasser

  The soothing toner will activate, calm and condition your skin with healthy-looking gloss. Its soothing active ingredients will leave your skin moisturized and supple, and help follow-up absorption of skin care products.

    Apply the toner on thoroughly cleansed face and neck with a cotton pad every morning and evening. Use it together with day or night cream to have a better effect. Avoid application to eyes.

    Hydrating skin with moisture and radiance

    Any types of skins, feature a good match to others

    Dried, dehydrated, dull and tired skin under pressure

 Inhaltsstoffe/ Zutaten
    Six main product technological ingredients: grape extract, Vitamin PP, allantoin, camphor oil, pentadiene, solubilizing ingredient

Beste Intelligent-Anti Freie Redikale Produktsempfehlunge
Mildes Waschgel
Cleanse with foams to soothe your skin
AQUA Regeneration Augenserum
Smooth wrinkles to be supple and firm
Regeneration Gesichtscreme
Gently soothe and moisturize your skin to be plump
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